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What is Skinnypigs?

Skinnypigs is a form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and the first group based system aimed at women. It is a unique and fun experience that has helped transform 1000s of women’s bodies across the North East.

How much does it cost?

£3.50 for Students, Emergency Services, NHS and Armed Forces

£32.00 FOR 10 SESSIONS
£27.00 for Students, Emergency Services, NHS and Armed Forces

£37.00 4 WEEKS
£32.00 for Students, Emergency Services, NHS and Armed Forces

Do I have to book?

Absolutely not. You can turn up at any class, at any time and get your Skinnypigs fix.

Can I bring my children?

Children are welcome but they must stay in a safe area, at the side, under your own supervision.

Do I have to be fit to start?

No, Skinnypigs is adaptable to all levels of fitness.

Do you have to have a partner?

No, you can work alone or in pairs.

How do I order your clothing range?

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I have another question, how do I contact you?

Please use the Contact facility on this website here.

How long do classes last?

Classes last approximately 1 hour.

Why did you choose the name Skinnypigs?

When Jonathan, the creator of Skinnypigs™, invented the phenomenon he wanted to first pilot his plan and used a word play when seeking volunteers.

“I am going to turn you Guinea Pigs into my Skinny Pigs!”

The name was born and has stuck ever since.

How do I cancel my Nutrition subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at anytime via the My Account page. If you are having problems and want to cancel your subscription please visit here